A high energy premium mix for a range of birds.

Ideal mix for the breeding season or pre-migratory season.


Full of small seeds, peanut chips, sunflower hearts, mealworms, our home made protein pellet, and maize cribs. We use small seeds, millet, canary seed, linseed, black rape and milo millet as protein, and vitamin D. Canary grass as protein and fibre. Linseed - for omega 3 and 6, black rape as oil protein.

Sunflower hearts as protein and oil, peanut chips as slow release energy. Mealworm as a natural protein and fibre. Our protein pellets are proteins, calcium, fibre, pre and pro biotic maize grits for crop grinding and carbohydrate.


Literally everything songbirds need to keep them happy and healthy and in your garden!

High Energy Premium Songbird Feed - 15kg

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