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About Us

Since JT Seeds, our sister company, was formed it has steadily grown, with extra bird feed crops grown on our farm, new cleaning and dressing machines installed, new wildbird food mixes trialled on our wildlife farm with songbirds specifically in mind.

Our new and exciting company Songbird Watch has been formed in order to increase and protect the numbers of wild songbirds in the UK by optimising their nutrition, according to their needs, and giving everyone the opportunity to feed the very best nutritionally correct food that will keep our beautiful songbirds healthy and happy.

Our Mission

We want to provide the UK's songbirds with the best nutrition.

Songbirds are athletes, they have to travel thousands of miles to get to the UK. 


As soon as they arrive they start to breed which takes its toll on their bodies and then the migration period starts again.

An athlete couldn’t perform without the correct diet, but songbirds are expected to. 


Our feeds contain a huge selection of different ingredients to make sure our little feathered friends are as fit and healthy as possible. 


All of our mixes are balanced with proteins, carbohydrates, oils, ash fibres, omega 3,s and 6 pre and pro biotics.

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